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The Eagle By Alfred Lord Tennyson Essay free essay sample

, Research Paper Matt Ifkovitz Period 2 The Eagle A brief however amazing refrain structures composed by the incomparable Victorian writer, Alfred Lord Tennyson, The Eagle is a motivating beautiful piece. Tennyson, perceived as the best writer in Victorian England, was recognized as artist laureate in1850. Perusers from all over looked to his refrain structures for counsel on the significant issues set uping their lives. Tennyson started forming poesy when he was ten and distributed his first book of poesy with the guide of his sibling, Poems by Two Brothers. In 1830 Tennyson distributed the principal volume of verse to look under his ain name, Poems, Chiefly Lyrical. For 12 mature ages after that Tennyson took a break from making because of perish out of a dear companion. He came back to poesy and in 1842 distributed Poems, a two-volume collection. Tennyson was so adroit in displaying the English phonetic correspondence in rime and beat that his poesy is as mainstream today as it was 150 mature ages back. We will compose a custom paper test on The Eagle By Alfred Lord Tennyson Essay or on the other hand any comparative subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page This can be demonstrated by one of Tennyson? s most profound and most emblematic section frames, The Eagle. The section structure # 8217 ; s exterior Tells of an incredible American image, a flying creature of Jove, looking out for the ocean as the pioneer of the land. More profound down the refrain structure Tells of getting more seasoned and trying to keep to life lounge the clasp you have. The Eagle, a short melodious culinary specialist doeuvre, just holding two short verses with three lines each and a marginally straightforward rime system, doesn? Ts need length to secure its point over. Tennyson does this by using numerous words that have more than one gathering, or intensions. Each line of this section structure has a more profound or representative essentialness to it. ? He fastens the precipice with slanted guardianships? . The? he? in this line is referencing to a matured individual and he is keeping a? ridge? , life, with his old, feeble, ? warped guardianships? . Near the? su n? , paradise, in the? alone terrains? , without anyone else. Matured individuals are ever totally whether it be intellectually or truly living without anyone else in and old house or a nursing place. Turning out to be old is equivalent with being desolate. ? Ringed with the cerulean universe he stands? , is portraying individual who is extremely much alive. He is encircled by elderly folks individuals who are injured or can non walk, ? The wrinkly ocean underneath him slithers. ? ? He watches? the outside universe from inside of his room, ? mountain dividers? . At that point he passes on, ? like a bat out of hell falls. ? Clearly this sonnets further character is of a matured individual seizing to life yet lolling the clasp that he has thus diing. Keep onto the clasp that you have each piece long as you have. There are a few words in the refrain structure that can be bewildering to the peruser. In the event that you wear? t comprehend the hugeness of ridge ( a precarious tough stone lifting above others ) or cerulean ( the profound somewhat blue shade of the spotless sky ) , this refrain structure may be frustrating. Tennyson uses these words alongside beginning rhyme, ? fastens, precipice, slanted, shut? furthermore, a clump of imagery so as to make more profundity to the stanza structure and to obtain his point across to the peruser. Perhaps the vast majority of import images in the section structure are? precipice? furthermore the expression? he falls? . ? Bluff? represents life. He is keeping onto life. ? He falls? represents demise. This Eagle is a truly moving piece. On its external covering it portrays a winged animal of Jove, the image of America, opportunity. Despite the fact that it is a section structure from Britain, it could extremely simple hold establishes in America. Feeling actually firmly about America and the opportunity that it gives, The Eagle is conceivably the best meaning of life in a free state. You live free and each piece long as you clutch life in your ulterior mature ages you are free and the moment you are expiring, you bite the dust free.

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Writing College Term Papers

Writing College Term PapersWriting college term papers is not easy. It can be time consuming and it requires a lot of concentration and focus. But if you are able to do it successfully, you will gain great rewards.The first and the most difficult part of writing term papers are the writing part. It is not only about writing. It is more about developing your skills in reading. Thus, if you are not well educated in reading and writing, you will find it very difficult to produce good-quality term papers. So before you start doing this work, you should have a strong foundation of reading skills.Sometimes, some students give up after reading through the term papers and then there is a lot of waiting for the final results. This is something that they never wanted. They just sit and wait for the due date. You can work on this problem by making sure that you set time aside for the proper researching of the subject you are working on. After all, your work depends on it.What you need to do is to understand the subject well. By understanding it well, you will be able to find out the answers for various questions the students need to answer in order to pass the course. Your reading skills will help you here as well. You can spend time analyzing the student's research and see if there is anything worth learning from it.Once you get hold of the subject of term papers and its requirement, you should concentrate on researching on the topic. You should know where the facts and figures come from so that you do not make any wrong assumptions when you write your term papers. You should also know how to compare the data you have acquired with the others' reports in order to prepare your papers according to the specified requirements.Besides learning how to write effective term papers, another aspect you need to study is how to research properly on a subject. Researching does not mean that you should just depend on your own research. It is important that you have external sources, w hich may include a public library or your professor.One of the most important factors you need to study is how to present your research in the term papers. If your research is not properly presented, the readers will find it difficult to accept it. You can hire someone to present your research, or you can carry out your own research with the help of various resources on the Internet.Finally, when you are studying the topic of term papers, you should make sure that you are writing in an orderly manner. You should maintain your flow of sentences as well as paragraphs. Otherwise, the readers will find it difficult to understand your writing.

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Text Painting in Handel essays

Content Painting in Handel papers Content work of art in Handels Messiah Handels Messiah is a piece to be read for a wide range of reasons. The music is delightful, the songs splendid, yet the greater part of all, the content artistic creation is obvious to such an extent that it is hard not to remark on it. In the initial 8 developments of the Messiah the content artistic creation is a conspicuous trademark for investigation. In every development there are numerous instances of Handels brightness in clarifying the words, taken straightforwardly from the book of scriptures, utilizing the music. In development two, Comfort Ye My People, there were a couple of words that stood apart in light of the fact that they were given such melodic significance. One of these words was evildoing. Each event of this word, which means fiendishness, was hailed by seventh harmonies or decreased harmonies and in one case by a harmony that I couldnt even make sense of. This shows the mischievousness of the word and the way that Handel needed to penetrate this word into the leaders of the audience members. Another word was fighting. On this word, Handel composed successions beginning at measure 21 to show the structure and force of the fighting of which this area is discussing. The word is likewise set to quick running notes which can be viewed as the quick running and on going pace of the fighting. This development is an excellent case of the content work of art virtuoso of Handels Messiah. Development three, Every Valley will be Exalted is an Aria for tenor where the manner in which Handel set the words is exceptionally legitimate. The word lifted up, which means made magnificent or high, is set as arrangements in measures 15 18, 21 23, and 47 51. This shows the activity of commending by making the notes higher. In this development, word like abnormal and unpleasant were set to eighth notes that jumped to each other, as though they were painting a screwy line. Another model is the word plain. Each opportunity the word comes up in the tune, it is set utilizing long notes that could conceivably transform into a run at t... <!

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Making Room for Women Virginia Woolfs Narrative Technique in A Room of Ones Own - Literature Essay Samples

Like most uneducated Englishwomen, I like reading. Can these words really belong to Virginia Woolf, an uneducated Englishwoman who knew half a dozen languages, who authored a shelfs length of novels and essays, who possessed one of the most rarified literary minds of the twentieth century? Tucked into the back pages of A Room of Ones Own, this comment shimmers with Woolfs typically wry and understated sense of humor. She jests, but she means something very serious at the same time: as a reader, she worries about the state of the writer, and particularly the state of the female writer. She worries so much, in fact, that she fills a hundred some pages musing about how her appetite for books in the bulk might be satiated in the future by women writers. Her concerns may be those of a reader, but the solution she proffers comes straight from the ethos of an experienced writer. A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction, Woolf asserts early in her essay. This one minor point, as she calls it, could have major repercussions for the future of literature. It would certainly, in the least, enrich the life of Virginia Woolf the reader. But before this can happen, Virginia Woolf the writer must demonstrate how a few hundred pounds and some privacy translate into a wealth of new books by women. To do this, she uses a most natural example: A Room of Ones Own itself. Before it became a seminal feminist text or the source of countless cultural clichà ©s, this essay was first a piece of writing by a woman of some means and leisure. It is both the result and the purveyor of a set of ideal creative conditions for the female author. Employing an innovative narrative technique, Woolf manifests how these external conditions come to bear on womens prose style.A Room of Ones Own is Virginia Woolfs fictionalized response to a very factual request. We asked you to speak about women and fiction what has that got to do with a room of ones own? Woolf asks, anticipating her audiences bewilderment at the title of her work. It has to do, she explains, with women writers need for money and personal space. But it can only be properly explained through fiction. I am going to develop in your presence as fully and freely as I can [my] train of thoughtmaking use of all the liberties and licenses of a novelist, she explains. One can imagine that this statement only further perplexed Woolfs original audience of female undergraduates in 1928. But Woolf is adamant here. She has no desire to rehash remarks about the usual suspects of womens literature. Jane Austen, George Eliot, the Bronte sisters these women will eventually be mentioned, but Woolf is no historical surveyor. She writes modernist novels; naturally, she will write about women and fiction in that same modernist, novelistic mode. But the fictional form of A Room of Ones Own indicates more than Woolfs predilection for the novel as a writer. Rather, prose fiction has been the tendency of successful female authors since their historical emergence. Woolf, who notes later that the finest male writers compose with the unconscious bearing of long descent, knows that her gender has no Shakespeare, no Milton, no Keats. Nor have women had their hands in biography, philosophy, or history. How is a woman to write, then, without the gracefulness with which tradition imbues the contemporary authors pen? Woolf confronts this problem by writing in the mode of the richest tradition available to a woman writing the novel. Here the female author has Pride and Prejudice and Middlemarch to bolster her claim to the form. A male author may demand his own stake on the basis of Tom Jones or Bleak House, but he cannot deny any woman her fair share in the history of the English novel. For Woolf, a long descent is a crucial condition affecting a writers talent; she writes in novelistic form because it is the one which she truly can trace back through her mothers and grandmothers.If fema le authors have had the best luck as novelists, women personages have likewise fared better in fiction than in history. A trip to the British museum confirms that, while men have had plenty to say about the contemporary inadequacies of the opposite sex, nothing is known about women before the eighteenth century. There are scraps of knowledge about wife beating and childbearing, but the thoughts and habits of females have been shrouded by years of social insignificance. It is no wonder Woolf prefers to talk about women through fiction, for in history they have a tendency to completely disappear. This is not so in the literature of this very same past. Male historians took no interest in women, but, as she points out, male fiction writers certainly did. From Lady Macbeth to Madame de Guermantes, literature recounts the lives of hundreds of dynamic females. Imaginatively woman is of the highest importance, Woolf observes, but practically she is completely insignificantshe is all but a bsent from history. It makes sense, then, that Woolf would write A Room of Ones Own in the genre that held women to be of the greatest importance rather than the one that found in them nary the least significance.Just as Woolf found a form fit to the woman writer, so she discovered a sentence to accommodate her as well. Like Jane Austen laughing at the mans sentence of the nineteenth century, Woolf smiles at the realist prose in vogue in her day and politely pushes it away. She opts instead for a style which underscores her interest in how exterior conditions act and react with the mind. Her own evaluation of her style is deceptively simple. According to Woolf, her sentences follow a train of thought. The sentences and the writers contained within A Room of Ones Own have much in common they are all meditative and meandering beings sometimes harassed by material conditions. Consider, for example, Woolfs narration of her visit to the British Museum:London was like a machine. We wer e all being shot backwards and forwards on this plain foundation to make some pattern. The British Museum was another department of the factory. The swing-doors swung open; and there one stood as if one were a thought in the huge bald forehead which is so splendidly encircled by a band of famous names. One went to the counter; one took a slip of paper; one opened a volume of the catalogue, and..the five dots here indicate five separate minutes of stupefaction, wonder, and bewilderment.The beginning of this passage is lyrical, poetic, very writerly. Rich in simile, musical and brisk in style, the first four sentences flow from a mind in comfortable and free circumstances. If London is a machine, the person speaking these words is a carefree cog, at ease functioning as an individual unit and as a tiny part of the larger mechanism. When a wrench is thrown into the works, though, the cog malfunctions as much as the machine. Woolfs prose, sensitive to its subject matter, reacts the way a real person might. Here shock is not expressed I was astonished or I could not believe. It gets recorded, rather, as five dots signifying the ineluctable blankness of a mind confronted with the truly unnerving. Like the mind of a young female writer, Woolfs sentences are impressionable; they are words with a lively inner reality in the act of interpreting an unpredictable outer one.Sometimes, though, this outer reality proves to be a tedious interruption, as Woolfs writing strives to demonstrate. Her stroll across the Oxbridge campus is a vivid instance of this. Glancing about the college, Woolf thinks of an essay by Charles Lamb about a certain manuscript of Miltons kept in the Oxbridge library. This leads her to muse first upon how Milton revised his poem, next upon the fact that the manuscript of Thackerays Esmond resides in the very same building. Her mind is busily engaged in these profound thoughts when both her person and her intellect are abruptly stymied on their path:Bu t then one would have to decide what is style and what is meaning, a question which but here I was actually at the door which leads into the library itself. I must have opened it, for instantly there issued, like a guardian angel barring the way with a flutter of black gown instead of wings, a deprecating silvery, kindly gentleman, who regretted in a low voice as he waved me back that ladies are only admitted to the library if accompanied by a Fellow of the College or furnished with a letter of introduction.Here is a woman, intellectually curious, well-read, receptive to the great thinkers and writers of the past, turned away by a persnickety Beadle and a tradition of patriarchic oppression. The dash in the first sentence frustrates not only the clause, but the intellectual potential of the young lady herself; the sentence is not allowed to develop fully, nor is she.The first chapter of A Room of Ones Own is strewn with such interrupted efforts. Later we find her pensively consider ing the wealth of Oxbridge: It was impossible not to reflect the reflection whatever it may have been was cut short. The clock struck. And heading up to Fernham after the lapsing of a few more hours: Why, if it was an illusion, not praise the catastrophe, whatever it was, that destroyed illusion and put truth in its place? For truththose dots mark the spot where, in search of truth, I missed the turning up to Fernham. Barely does the crescendo of thought come than reality unyielding, misogynistic crushes it yet again. Woolfs prose mimics these frustrations, describing and demonstrating the intellectual opportunities (or lack thereof) of women writers.Woolf further augments her reflective style with a deft use of symbolism. In the early pages of A Room of Ones Own, symbols of truncation and arrested development abound, often opposed by symbols of affluence and maturity. Dining sumptuously at Oxbridge, for instance, Woolf is startled from her post-prandial leisure by the sight of a tail-less cat lumbering past the window. The sight of the abrupt and truncated animal padding softly across the quadrangle, she reflects, changed by some fluke of the subconscious intelligence the emotional light for me. It was as if some one had let fall a shade. It is hard to ignore, suddenly, that the banquet upon which she has just feasted was prepared for men, members of an academic institution from which she is barred admittance. The meager dinner at Fernham a few pages later provides another counterpoint for the Oxbridge luncheon. She reports: Dinner was ready. Here was the soup. It was a plain gravy soup. There was nothing to stir the fancy in that. Woolf really could have chosen any material condition common to both colleges plumbing, size of the library, quality of the teaching in order to juxtapose symbols of wealth and poverty. Food, though, works the best with her prose style because it exerts the most immediate and consistent effect on human beings. It leaves a n impression on the quotidian experience of men and women alike. According to Woolf, one cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. It seems reasonable to add to this list write well, for womens lack of both stuffed pheasants and literary tradition are not entirely unrelated.Also not entirely unrelated are the shape of the female literary tradition and the structure of A Room of Ones Own. The essays tone develops like a timeline of famous woman authors. First, like Lady Winchilsea, ur-woman writer of the seventeenth century, the speaker flares up with anger at the thought of her restrained opportunities. Here she is on being barred from the library: Never will I wake those echoes, never will I ask for that hospitality again, I vowed as I descended the steps in anger. And here we find her with Mary Seton in one of the anemically furnished rooms of Fernham: we burst out in scorn at the reprehensible poverty of our sex. What had our mothers been doing then that they had no wealth to leave us? The speaker of these early pages is incensed at the condition of women and her words redound with Winchilseas indignation. How are we fallen! Fallen by mistaken rules,/ And Educations more than Natures fools;/ Debarred from all improvements of the mind,/ And to be dull, expected and designed, the poet wrote of women in the late 1600s. Two hundred years later her frustration rears its head again through Woolfs eloquent pen.With a shift in scene, though, comes a shift in tone. Under the vaulted ceiling of the British Museum appears a speaker whose rage smolders less spectacularly than Winchilseas, a Charlotte Bronte-like lady whose anger emerges indirectly. There are no declarations of ire or disgust in this setting, only actions that manifest these repressed feelings. Woolfs doodling is one such example. She says:While I pondered I had unconsciously, in my listlessness, in my desperation, been drawing a picture of Professor von X engaged in writ ing his monumental work The Mental, Moral, and Physical Inferiority of the Female SexThe professor was made to look very ugly in my sketchDrawing pictures was an idle way of finishing an unprofitable mornings work. Yet it is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top. A very elementary exercise in psychology showed me, on looking at my notebook, that the sketch of the angry professor had been made in anger. Anger had snatched my pencil while I dreamt.The submerged truth here, as Woolf finds it to be later in her evaluation of Jane Eyre, is that women resent men for suppressing their active and intelligent natures. Woolfs sketching and Brontes transitioning both have that jerk in them, that indignation one sees that she will never get her genius expressed whole and entire. Some progress has been made since Winchilsea; the woman writer has at least let her genius peek through. But it remains deformed and twisted by social constraint and its a ttendant anger.Woolf sequesters the reader into the present state of womens literature with the imaginary novel Lifes Adventure by the neophyte writer Mary Carmichael. This novel, Woolf says, must be read as if it were the last volume in a fairly long series, continuing all those other books Winchilseas poems and the novels of the four great novelists. Lifes Adventure is a kind of culmination of womens writing thus far. And as such, its achievement is modest but noteworthy. Carmichael writes unfettered by the anger and resentment of her predecessors, as a woman who has forgotten that she is a woman, so that her pages are full of that curious sexual quality that comes only when sex is unconscious of itself. Likewise, gone is the anger and self-consciousness of the narrative voice of A Room of Ones Own. In the privacy of her home library where she leafs through the novel, Woolfs own voice becomes that of the modern female writer eager, free, perceptive, and yet still lacking somet hing. Give her another hundred years Woolf says of the woman writer; then she will have more tradition, money, and privacy abetting her art.But who is this woman writer of the future? Woolf claims that she, like Shakespeare, like Keats, like Coleridge, will possess an androgynous mind. Her intellect will be a fusion of male and female sensibilities and she will write with the unconscious bearing of complete genius. No personal vendetta to voice, no inequalities to rage against, this woman would be in some state of mind in which one could continue without effort because nothing is required to be held back. As Woolf describes this unborn talent, though, it suddenly becomes clear that her descriptions belongs not to some book to be written, but the very one that she has already written. The reader has just experienced androgynous prose, for how else could we explain how full and natural the narrative of A Room of Ones Own seems? Woolf is no Mary Carmichael, languishing without adequat e material comfort and conditions. She is a woman with five hundred pounds a year, a room of her own, and a deep investment in the literary tradition to which she is adding her own volumes. If more women lived as I do, she seems to say, there would be more To the Lighthouses, more Mrs. Dalloways, more Orlandos, more women and fiction of the highest intellectual and aesthetic caliber.A Room of Ones Own is a utopian text written in a utopian style. It began with the topic women and fiction, but Virginia Woolf delicately steers her prose toward envisioning a paradise of readers and writers where, regardless of sex, good living and good literature abound.

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Essay on What Size Washer and Dryer Fit Your Lifestyle

1. Efficiency – The machines need to function at a standard or above level while helping consumers to keep water and energy use at a minimum. This keeps costs down and also decreases the environmental footprint of the machines. Within this category, consumers appreciate the ability to set a timer so that their clothes can be washed or dried at off-peak times. They can set a timer for 2am if they would like to, so that their water and electricity use is less expensive than it would be otherwise. (Where did this info come from?) 2. Durability – This attribute speaks to the ability of the machines to last and to stand up to regular use by consumers. This attribute is important across the board and would certainly speak to consumers with†¦show more content†¦(Where did you get this information?) 5. Capacity- This refers to the size of the tub. For best cleaning results, it is important that the amount of laundry placed in the tub has sufficient room to move about. A large machine is rated at roughly 2 to 2-1/2 cubic feet, an extra-large machine at 2-1/2 to 3 cubic feet, and a super-large at approximately 3 to 3-1/2 cubic feet. Unless you are washing and drying bulky items like comforter and ski parkas, figure on a 10-12 pound maximum load for large-capacity machines and 14 pounds or so for extra-large and super-large ones. These are all factors in determining capacity requirements and the potential wash and dry frequency. Larger capacity equates to less loads. ( Improper citation. 6. Model design - High Efficiency Front-Load, High Efficiency Top-Load and Traditional Front or Top-Load. Washers-HE front-load machines use less water and energy than top-loaders and usually offer more capacity. HE top-load machines also use less water and energy than a traditional machine. Since they have no agitator, there is more room in the wash basket for large items. Top load or traditional machines sits vertically in the machine and has an agitator in the middle that churns the water and clothes together, forcing water through the items. It drains, refills with clean water, and agitates again, drains, rinses and spins.Show MoreRelatedDesign Your New Home Essay1471 Words   |  6 PagesHow NOT to Design Your New Home Research almost any how-to topic, and you’ll find limitless information on how to do it. That’s thanks to the great information highway known as the internet. You’ll find far less, however — online or anywhere — on how NOT to tackle a how-to topic. If it exists, it’s usually tacked on at the end of a post, article or video, or couched as â€Å"tips.† Since there are few greater how-to undertakings than buying, planning and designing a new custom home, we’d thought we’dRead MoreWhen My Cats Should Be Destroyed2207 Words   |  9 Pagesin the living room just to keep tabs on my cats. I have them filled with water, and we all know how cats feel about water. They don t like it for anything other than drinking. If you don t believe me, go ahead and try to give your cat a bath. That should put all of your doubts to rest. I don t like to use any form of discipline that might hurt my cats, so I stick to the water spray bottle. When they begin to scratch something they shouldn t be scratching, a few sprays with the bottle stop themRead MoreThe Five Accommodation Options3172 Words   |  13 Pagesand so are their choices in real estate. Each customers ranking of the five options presented to them reflects a number of things about them. They show what drives customers towards making certain choices, how the backgrounds of each person and other demographic factors such as age, level of success in life, education, occupation and lifestyle affect their personalities which, in turn, affect the choices they make. I have also attempted to link the values certain customers have and how they influenceRead MoreConsumer Psychology Affecting the Marketing of Real Estate4782 Words   |  19 Pagesand so are their choices in real estate. Each customers ranking of the five options presented to them reflects a number of things about them. They show what drives customers towards making certain choices, how the backgrounds of each person and other demographic factors such as age, level of success in life, education, occupation and lifestyle affect their personalities which, in turn, affect the choices they make. I have also attempted to link the values certain customers have and how they influenceRead MoreSteve Jobs: A Leader Who Defied the Rule Book6762 Words   |  28 Pagesforever, from personal computers to phones, animation, music, publishing and video games. He was a great negotiator, a skilled motivator, a decisive judge, a farsighted tastemaker, an excellent showman and a gifted strategist. Most people will try to fit him into old moulds, trying to confin e his spirit within the familiar terms: Vision, Innovation, Communication, Inspiration. There was all of that, for sure, but these encomiums alone do not quite succeed in capturing him. We haven’t lost the best CEORead MoreMarketing Mix of Haeir18481 Words   |  74 Pagesappliance i.e., washing machines, air conditioners and refrigerators. Haier is the first consumer electronics company to launch the Bottom Mount Refrigerators in India and also one of the few companies to introduce an exclusive 100 per cent clothes dryer in the market. The Company recently launched refrigerators with a unique VC Fresh technology that helps to keep food fresh in the refrigerators for a longer period of time and introduced ACs with the digital Inverter technology for energy efficiencyRead MoreMiss23262 Words   |  94 Pagescollection of resources and capabilities, its strengths and weaknesses vis-à  -vis rivals, and its windows of opportunity. Insightful analysis of a company’s exte rnal and internal environment is a prerequisite for crafting a strategy that is an excellent fit with the company’s situation, is capable of building competitive advantage, and holds good prospect for boosting company performance—the three criteria of a winning strategy. As depicted in Figure 3.1, the task of crafting a company’s strategy shouldRead MoreOb Practices at Chaudhary Group in Nepal13261 Words   |  54 Pagesis situated in Nawalparasi. It houses various units equipped with latest technology, R D and laboratories for manufacturing snacks, food, beverages and cigarette. There are also ancillary units producing specialty food items to suit different lifestyles. CG Foods (Nepal) Pvt. Ltd. (CGFN) houses a total of 3 production units, the main being noodles production facility which has 3 plants operating under the same roof with a combined capacity of producing 615 packets of noodles per minute, the largestRead MoreDieting Makes People Fat Essay19490 Words   |  78 Pages WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DOLL? For me, my favorite doll is stitch. Stitch,aka experiment 626, is one mischievous alien!. Thankfully, he has Lilo around to calm him down. Maybe someday hell know the different between good or bad.I really love him  . Lilo amp; Stitch is a 2002 American animated science fiction/family film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released on June 21, 2002.   Kullasatree 010 3EN   WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DRINK? I love to drink strawberry yogurt smoothie about 2-3Read MoreBrand Building Blocks96400 Words   |  386 Pagesmore than 75 percent of the advertising / promotion spends are going to promotion. These market realities imply that the key success factor is low cost. Organizations must reduce overhead, trim staff, downsize, and cut all unnecessary expenditures. What, then, happens to the people who support the brand with market research or other brand-building activities? They are vulnerable to the organizations new cost culture. 2. Proliferation Of Competitors New, vigorous competitors come from a variety

Bahrain Essay Example For Students

Bahrain Essay Table of ContentsSection PageHistory 3 Cultural and Societal 5Education 10Business Climate 12Government and Military 16OVERVIEW OF BAHRAINHistory of BahrainBahrain was once part of the ancient civilization of Dilmun and served as an important link in trade routes between Sumeria and the Indus Valley as much as 5000 years ago. Since the late 18th century Bahrain has been governed by the Al-Khalifa family, which created close ties to Britain by signing the General Treaty of Peace in 1820. A binding treaty of protection, known as the Perpetual Truce of Peace and Friendship, was concluded in 1861 and further revised in 1892 and 1951. This treaty was similar to those entered into by the British Government with the other Persian Gulp principalities. It specified that the ruler could not dispose of any of his territory except to the United Kingdom and could not enter into relationships with any foreign government other than the United Kingdom without British consent. The British promise to protect Bahrain from all aggression by sea and to lend support in case of land attack. After World War II, Bahrain became the center for British administration of treaty obligations in the lower Persian Gulf. In 1968, when the British Government announced its decision (reaffirmed in March 1971) to end the treaty relationships with the Persian Gulf sheikdoms, Bahrain joined the other eight states (Qatar and the seven Trucial Sheikhdoms, which are now called the United Arab Emirates) under British protection in an effort to form a union of Arab emirates. By mid-1971, however, the nine sheikhdoms still had not agreed on terms of union. Accordingly, Bahrain sought independence as a separate entity and became fully independent on August 15, 1971, as the State of Bahrain. Cultural and SocietalTo truly understand the society and culture of Bahrain it is necessary to know what it is based on. Society and culture in Bahrain is based on Islamic religious beliefs. These beliefs are not only the moral standards for the country, but they are also the legal standards for all commerce, criminal, civil, and political codes. From a western standpoint this can be very confusing and different to comprehend. To alleviate some confusion the following is a small summary of Islamic beliefs. The following is by no means a complete summary and many beliefs, laws, and other religious criteria has been left out for expediencies sake. IslamOne of Islam’s literal meanings is the â€Å"True Religion†. An Islamic follower, or Muslim, believes that all people practice Islam even though they do not acknowledge it. They claim that their God, Allah, is the same as the Jewish and Christian God Ellohim. Their religion was founded near the sixth century by a cleric named Muhammad (Please note that his name is spelled many different ways and this is the one chosen for this report). Muhammad claimed to have had revelations from Allah dictating how a follower of Islam should act. Since those days sixth century Islamic morals have dominated the Middle East. This can be very confusing for a westerner at first. Instead of being just part of life, as many people view religion in the west, Islamic followers believe it is everything to them. Based on its linguistic origin, the Arabic word Islam means to achieve peacepeace with God, peace within oneself, and peace with the creations of God through submission to God and commitment to His guidance. Islam is not a new religion but the final culmination and fulfillment of the same basic truth that God revealed through all His prophets to every people. For a fifth of the worlds population, Islam is not just a personal religion but a complete way of living. Over a billion people from all races, nationalities and cultures across the globe are Muslimfrom the rice farms of Indonesia to the deserts in the heart of Africa; from the skyscrapers of New York to the Bedouin tents in Arabia. Only 18% of Muslims live in the Arab world; a fifth are found in Sub-Saharan Africa; and the worlds largest Muslim com munity is in Indonesia. Substantial parts of Asia are Muslim, while significant minorities are to be found in the Central Asian Republics, India, China, North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe. Muslims believe in the One, Unique, Incomparable, Merciful Godthe Sole Creator, Sustainer and Cherisher of the Universe; in the Angels created by Him; in the Prophets through whom His revelations were brought to humankind; in the Day of Judgment and in individual accountability for actions; in Gods complete authority over destiny, be it good or bad; and in life after death. What do they believe in?Muslims believe that God sent his messengers and prophets to all people beginning with Adam (Adam) and including Noah (Nuh), Abraham (Ibrahim), Lot (Lut), Ishmael (Ismail), Isaac (Ishaq), Jacob (Yaqub), Joseph (Yusuf), Job (Ayb), Moses (Musa), Aaron (Harun), David (Dawud), Solomon (Sulayman), Elias (Ilyas), Jonah (Yunus), John the Baptist (Yahya), and Jesus (Isa); peace be upon them all. Gods final message to humanity, a reconfirmation of the eternal message and a summing up of all that has gone before, was revealed to the Last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through the Archangel Gabr iel. One becomes a Muslim by believing and proclaiming that There is none worthy of worship except God, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God. By this declaration the believer announces his or her faith in all Gods messengers, and the Scriptures (in their pristine original form) that these messengers brought. What effect did Islam have on the world?The Muslim community expanded rapidly after the Prophets death. Within a few decades, the territory under Muslim rule had extended onto three continentsAsia, Africa and Europe. Over the next few centuries this Empire continued to expand and Islam gradually became the chosen faith of the majority of its inhabitants. Among the reasons for the rapid and peaceful spread of Islam was the simplicity of its doctrineIslam calls for faith in only One God worthy of worship. Islam also repeatedly instructs human beings to use their powers of intelligence and observation. As Muslim civilization developed, it absorbed the heritage of ancient civil izations like Egypt, Persia and Greece, whose learning was preserved in the libraries and with the scholars of its cities. Some Muslim scholars turned their attention to these centers of learning and sought to acquaint themselves with the knowledge taught and cultivated in them. They, therefore, set about with a concerted effort to translate the philosophical and scientific works available to them, not only from the Greek and Syriac languages (the languages of eastern Christian scholars), but also from Pahlavi, the scholarly language of pre-Islamic Persia, and even from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. Most of the important philosophical and scientific works of Aristotle; much of Plato and the Pythagorean school; and the major works of Greek astronomy, mathematics and medicine such as the Almagest of Ptolemy, the Elements of Euclid, and the works of Hippocrates and Galen, were all rendered into Arabic. Furthermore, important works of astronomy, mathematics, and medicine were tr anslated from Pahlavi and Sanskrit. As a result, Arabic became the most important scientific language of the world for many centuries and the depository of much of the wisdom and the sciences of antiquity. The achievement of scholars working in the Islamic tradition went far beyond translation and preservation of ancient learning. These scholars built upon and developed the ancient heritage before passing it on to the West. Muslims excelled in art, architecture, astronomy, geography, history, language, literature, medicine, mathematics, and physics. Many crucial systems such as algebra, the Arabic numerals, and the very concept of the zero (vital to the advancement of mathematics), were formulated by Muslim scholars and shared with medieval Europe. Sophisticated instruments that would make possible the later European voyages of discovery were invented or developed, including the astrolabe, the quadrant and navigational charts and maps. What does this mean?This means that when a west erner enters an Islamic nation they are going to face some new ordeals. Here are a few of the differences from western culture:? Hospitality- Hospitality is very different in Bahrain than a westerner might be used to. You can walk down the street, and if you are hungry more often than not you can find someone willing to take you to their house and fix a meal for you, and if you happen to know the person at all it will be free. This also works for when you have no place to stay. Sometimes they will let you stay at their house with their family. Nuclear Weapons And Their Hazards EssayThe government is responsible for and unprecedented series of industrial development and employment initiatives. These initiatives have been further strengthened and enhanced by legislation allowing 100% foreign ownership to onshore companies and a more equitable agency law. The government has also encouraged private sector investment by maintaining its commitment to zero taxes on corporate and personal income. There would be no world-class multinational company to consider a major investment anywhere unless the infrastructure was in place. Bahrain has easy access to an enormous regional market through an excellent road system and a causeway linking Bahrain with eastern Saudi Arabia. The island state has become the international financial services capital of the Middle East. Most major Arab financial institutions have offices in Bahrain, as do many international banks, branches of foreign insurance companies and exempt companies trading offshore. The country is also an international and regional wholesale inter-bank money market centered on its offshore banking sector, which was first established in 1975 with assets equaling $70 million US dollars. Bahrain has a firm but flexible regulatory environment, directed by the Bahrain Monetary Agency. The Bahraini dinar is freely convertible and stable currency, firmly linked to the US dollar. Bahrain has also had mostly a consistent stock exchange in recent years. The gross volume of shares increased from 62 million in 1989 to nearly 400 million in 1993. Servicing the financial and business sectors is a digital telecommunication system as advanced as any in the world. Services include exclusive private channels, access to international databases and the Internet plus specially developed communication systems for bank treasury options. Recently there has been a major push to attract information technology companies. World class computer and software companies such as Silicon Graphics and Digital Equipment have chosen Bahrain as their regional base for sales and support operations. By attracting such businesses and investment to Bahrain, the government can point to ten purpose-built industrial areas accommodating over 500 different manufacturing and service companies. Bahrain is a key player in world financial and banking services. Its strategic location between east and west time zones and its advanced digital telecommunications systems enable it to communicate with all financial and business centers during the day. The country is an international and regional wholesale interbank money market centered on its offshore banking sector. The offshore financial sector today has assets of some US $70 billion and the daily foreign exchange turnover of all Bahrain’s financial institutions totals some US $4 billion. International law firms, insurance companies, certified public accountants, management and public relations consultants, financial analysts, and advisers are all represented in the well-integrated services sector. This has of course stimulated the evolution of other related financial establishments including the Bahrain Stock Market, the money exchange sector, the real estate and construction business, and other commercial enterprises. Bahrain is home to some 90 commercial banks, investment houses and offshore banking units (OBUs). There are also over 50 representative offices, money and foreign exchange brokers, and about 60 local, foreign, and exempt insurance companies. Bahrain’s economy is estimated to be growing at a rate close to 5% with financial services now accounting for some 18 % of all economic activity. Banks are investing in major projects and lending at an ever-increasing pace to investors. The Bahrain Monetary Agency (BMA) is the force behind the moves to impro ve the already high reputation of Bahrain in banking circles. The BMA maintains sound reporting and accounting arrangements, which strictly adhere to the best international practice. It conforms to international standards in the area of supervision and focuses increasingly on the quality rather than the quantity of bank assets. Bahrain has never had to revoke a banking license and has avoided the severe losses, which have occurred in some other financial centers. Because no financial sector can ever be immune to external happenings, the BMA announced a Deposit Protection Scheme. Under this scheme, the commercial bank deposits of both residents and non-residents, in local or foreign currency, will be protected up to a prescribed level in the event of the liquidation of a bank operating in Bahrain. The concept of protection was further enhanced by issuing a regulation relating to the licensing, regulation and supervision of advisers providing investment and other financial advice in o r from Bahrain. This protects investors from the possibility of negligence or fraud. Economic prosperity both in Bahrain and the Gulf is now firmly established as a fact. Private sector growth and its future potential have been augmented as the government’s dominant role declines. Internationally, the investment community has become increasingly aware of the advantages of globalization and a sustained low inflationary growth. These factors will surely give a major impetus to the financial services sector and help Bahrain to sustain its place as the financial capital of the Middle East for many years to come. With a safe and cosmopolitan lifestyle and mature industrial infrastructure, with industrial incentives unique to the region, with its reputation as a banking center, with a legal system geared to protection of capital and with its strategic location, Bahrain offers itself as a premier Middle East investment location. Government in BahrainBahrain is a traditional monarchy. Members of the al-Khalifa family hold the majority of key government positions. The emir is a respected leader, and the royal family is generally well liked in spite of growing distrust in the Shiite community. The country employs the traditional Islamic administrative system of the majlis , which allows people to petition the emir directly. Bahrain has no legislature, political parties and elections are prohibited. Military in BahrainBahrain has several military branches: Ground Force, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Police Force. A male is eligible for the military at the age of 15-49. The availability of military manpower is 220,670. Bahrain spends $276.9 million on military forces annually, which is 4.5% of the GDP. Education